What I started with in 1995
the place had been let go for many years by the time I came
back to the farm in 95.. here are a few of those photos
O L D   FARM    
You'll find a bit of both around here as well a few other definitions..
The farm and the events we allow on the property are really only a part of who we are
and what we do.

And a whole lot more..

The Farm provides a pallet of backdrops for any event  with 5 buildings, 3 fountain areas,
covered stage, burn pit areas, shrub & flower bed space, interesting pathways.  Rich with
authentic antiquity at nearly 97  years of age. This is a crop producing property...  It
became a goal of mine to convert the thinking around this property to become events
center.. It's still not reached it's potential and perhaps it never will and at the end of the day
it's just this little old farm and little Ole me... It's an interesting story and perhaps I'm the
author to tell it... It's much like it's own little island on the Ozark Plato..  I'd love to host your
event, wedding, anniversary,,, Art Exhibit co op or otherwise,,, your SALE,, private events,
auctions what have you,,, Exhibitions, work shops, club rallies, poetry club, writers circle,
singles event,, WINE-O-MANIA etc... There are so many scenarios that this backdrop is
really very cool for.... There is more  than one option to any given scenario and different
seasons represent different challenges,,, rain,,, heat, cold, wind, etc.

Wedding's weren't really ever part of the overall goal ... Yet people love it's appeal... Really
it's  just a very simple old farm and we'd be happy to provide it as backdrop for any worthy
event... I on;y take on a few dates through the year May into November...

Private parties, weddings, receptions, exhibitions, art auctions,
charity events, private artist showings, birthday parties, reunions,
senior events, arts and craft shows,
workshops, dating events, community gardens, swap meets, flea
markets, Etc
We're here for you and love sharing the
property with others and how the spirit rolls
from it. If we can be of service we would
love that.. The wedding's ,,, private
Parties,,, shows, sales, etc
Who We Are / What We Do
Established in 1920 by E. A. Long and
passed to his 2 surviving sons Aubrey &
Gorden the farm had many attributes woven
into the fabric of Northwest Arkansas with
the many varieties of fruit including Apples,
Peaches, Grapes, Cattle, Chicken, a large
Vegetable Garden and other crops... In it's
actual peak fruit production years the farm
employed as many as
100 people through the season..
What a sight to behold..

Not much has changed in regards to that
story...  There is still plenty of this that done
at any given moment and as always we do
our best to get them done.. Now the
direction has changed done.. Now the
direction has changed some, but the over all
goals are still all about preserving the farm,
a way of life, a spirit of American Simplicity
and a life worth saying you lived it.
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On  A u b r e y  L o n g  R o a d
Things are changing this year.. Updates to come...
Garden projects
Community projects
E s t a b l i s h e d  1 9 1 9
What was I Thinking ?
N   O   R   T   H   W   E   S  T      A   R   K   A   N   S   A   S
N   O   R   T   H   W   E   S  T      A   R   K   A   N   S   A   S
This old farm like all land has been
around forever but has been attached to
my family name for about 95 years. In
that time many a soul has come and gone
across this old ground along with many a
thing that had to be done..  The crops ,
the cattle, the orchards, the chickens,
mending fences, winterizing,, cleaning,
preparing, maintenance of one form or
another,, a whole list of things at any
given moment could be in need of
fulfillment. In addition to these there is
plain old ordinary everyday Life
happening.. Birthdays, Anniversaries,
Holidays, Dentist Appointments, work,
This new direction for the farm started in
1995 after I returned to the farm .. You'll
see those photos below...
I wasn't sure where it was headed when i
started and slowly started to evlolve.
With an artistic side the farm became a
medium to work with and has become a
part of my body of work as an artist and

That's Right!

is as much now
as it ever was for me
Winter Break until St Patty's Day March 17th
at which point we will schedule showings for those interested
Winter Break