N   O   R   T   H   W   E   S  T      A   R   K   A   N   S   A   S
What I started with in 1995
the place had been let go for many years by the time I came
back to the farm in 95.. here are a few of those photos
O L D   O R C H A R D
F    R    O    N    T    P    A    G    E
   F    R    O    N    T    P    A    G    E
O L D   O R C H A R D
&  F A R M
&  F A R M
You'll find a bit of both around here as well a few other definitions..
The farm and the events we allow on the property are really only a part of who we are and what we do.

And a whole lot more..

The Farm provides a pallet of backdrops for any event  with 5 buildings, 3 fountain areas, covered stage, burn pit
areas, shrub & flower bed space, interesting pathways.  Rich with authentic antiquity at nearly 97  years of age. This
is a crop producing property...  It became a goal of mine to convert the thinking around this property to become
events center.. It's still not reached it's potential and perhaps it never will and at the end of the day it's just this little
old farm and little Ole me... It's an interesting story and perhaps I'm the author to tell it... It's much like it's own little
island on the Ozark Plato..  I'd love to host your event, wedding, anniversary,,, Art Exhibit co op or otherwise,,, your
SALE,, private events, auctions what have you,,, Exhibitions, work shops, club rallies, poetry club, writers circle,
singles event,, WINE-O-MANIA etc... There are so many scenarios that this backdrop is really very cool for.... There
is more  than one option to any given scenario and different seasons represent different challenges,,, rain,,, heat,
cold, wind, etc.

Wedding's weren't really ever part of the overall goal ... Yet people love it's appeal... Really it's  just a very simple old
farm and we'd be happy to provide it as backdrop for any worthy event... I on;y take on a few dates through the year
May into November...

Private parties, weddings, receptions, exhibitions, art auctions, charity events, private
artist showings, birthday parties, reunions, senior events, arts and craft shows,
workshops, dating events, community gardens, swap meets, flea markets, Etc
We're here for you and love sharing the
property with others and how the spirit rolls
from it. If we can be of service we would
love that.. The wedding's ,,, private
Parties,,, shows, sales, etc
IT'S National Nutrition Month
get out there and live healthy
Who We Are / What We Do
Established in 1920 by E. A. Long and
passed to his 2 surviving sons Aubrey
& Gorden the farm had many
attributes woven into the fabric of
Northwest Arkansas with the many
varieties of fruit including Apples,
Peaches, Grapes, Cattle, Chicken, a
large Vegetable Garden and other
crops... In it's actual peak fruit
production years the farm employed as
many as
100 people through the season..
What a sight to behold..

Not much has changed in regards to
that story.. It's no longer a family long
ago...  There is still plenty of this that
done at any given moment and as
always we do our best to get them
done.. Now the direction has changed
done.. Now the direction has changed
some, but the over all goals are still all
about preserving the farm, a way of
life, a spirit of American Simplicity and
a life worth saying you lived it.
After 1995 and beginning to re attach to
the property it was easy to see I was
starting to make it my own.. And thats
exactly what I did..At least my portion of
it..   I declared it for myself regardless...
what this old place ment
to me at that time... I can assure you
that even though you think at the time
you understand such a commitment,,
something always tries to turn up and
prove you don't...

I'm not sure of all the things that were
out of my control that led me back here,
I'd like to believe in a viable idea of
destiny of purpose etc etc etc. How I
bonded again with this old place after
thinking I would probably never be back
here or if it was cosmic magnetic pull
beyond my control,,, Love & God and all
things worthwhile became apparent to me
here, what I would stand up for,,, what I
wouldn't,,, who I would,, who I wouldn't,,  
what I would believe in,, what I couldn't..  
The whole thing became paramount in
that this old American Farm that was of
humble origins and knew the hardest of
lessons with all of it's struggles and
maintenance through the seasons of
years both current and past.

Now with a combined 30 years on this
property this old farm has shown me
more than the world ever could.. As the
world has shown us all many
disappointments. Not that the World is all
bad but for me and this aura that is so
close to my heart here on the farm..   
MANY MANY MANY worth while things
happened for me here kind of like the
worlds best therapy this...  Anyway as we
move forward in life in time a big part of
our successes and or failures are
determined from what came from, then,
there, the experiences, the struggles, the
successes,, how do find clarity, did we find
clarity, did we find purpose, did we find
God, etc etc etc.  
Anyway we make errors along path that's
a given,, those errors should be building
blocks that enrich our lives with wisdom
and desire to meet them..
This old farm like all land has been
around forever but has been attached to
my family name for about 9
5 years. In
that time many a soul has come and gone
across this old ground along with many a
thing that had to be done..  The crops ,
the cattle, the orchards, the chickens,
mending fences, winterizing,, cleaning,
preparing, maintenance of one form or
another,, a whole list of things at any
given moment could be in need of
fulfillment. In addition to these there is
plain old ordinary everyday Life
happening.. Birthdays, Anniversaries,
Holidays, Dentist Appointments, work,

This new direction for the farm started in
1995 after I returned to the farm and
others had let it go horribly.. You'll see
those photos below... So the farm that
you see today and the remodel with the
flowers and landscaping fountains  the
buildings was not a family endeavor it
was Tim Long alone...
I wasn't sure where it was headed when i
started and slowly started to evlolve.
With an artistic side the farm became a
medium to work with and has become a
part of my body of work as an artist and

That's Right!
After many years of great blessings,
along with these men's fortitude and
undying spirit the farm changed as
these men changed and other family
members moved on..

This resulted in fallow seasons and
lease deals through the 80's..  For
myself when I moved back here  I
started to seek a viable continuation of
it's  ideals in my own life for many

In 1995 and what now already seems like
an eternity and the blink of an eye  at the
same time. I moved back to the farm
after thinking when I left at age 12 I
would never be back again... My years
here as a child were grand and not just
thinking the place seemed bigger...
Though now looking back it did.. The
whole place just seemed whimsical the
orchards, vineyards, fields filled with
cattle, or crop, the people, the visitors
and staff,, the seasons.. It was just really
surreal in it's co existence with the rest
of the world and how time feels here
compared to anywhere else I've spent
time ...
Obviously that's what compels me and
allows this view point of the world I have
and how I believe it must change or we
are doomed as a planet and civilization..
And failing as a whole to God's ultimate
purpose of creation in us.

is as much now
as it ever was for me
As for the story we are just like you
and have seen plenty of things that
won't work,,  1000's of things through
time have proven anything but
productive in this world much less this
farm... So too with that said we will
toss in our 2 cents worth.. All one has
to do is look around and know the
world is not perfect,, and it's not the
worlds fault it's the people in it.. Folks
in many ways are ignorant to steps of
success in the world and all which that
means.  For success is so much more
than what's in the bank account..  By
no means do i suggest we are perfect
around here,,, What I would suggest is
that we have a willingness be a part of
the solutions, to raise the bar, to
adapt and overcome if possible.. So
much of that for us is commitment to
God, Christ Jesus or Lord and
Savior.. Statistics do not lie the world
has been growing by leaps and bounds
in some areas and my opinion would
suggest that they are not all good
one's.. . Corruption in business,
politics, religion, your neighborhood,
Divorce, decay, greed, lust, envy,
resentment, haltered, revenge,
conspiracy, materialism and all the
crimes that come with them.. It's no
wonder people are having a ruff go of
it..  The Enemy is influencing masses
of the population..

Ultimately that's where our mission
that if we the people do not implement
real and affection change into the
systems of the world God will say I've
given every chance to be Christ like
and yet you are corrupted and
unwavering in it's pursuit.

Where do the problems really stem
from? What causes these horrible
actions by so many people?  To say
oh that's just human nature is not a
good enough answer... That's a lack of
effort or willingness to provide such
effort... These statistics are all being
done by individuals and guaranteed
we all either know some of these
people or are some of these people..

N   O   R   T   H   W   E   S  T      A   R   K   A   N   S   A   S
3/17/2016- Leap Year and a fast spring well under way
the website is up for an incredible update over the next few weeks new
photos, new blogs, stories and farm related stuff ... stay tuned...